Take note: Equipment with ‘ * ‘ consider as HIGH RISK EQUIPMENT.  

Equipment Brand Model Location
Structural Reaction Frame System with Load Sensor NA NA KBS01
Compression Test Machines NA NA KBS01
CNC Wire Cutting Machine Goldsand 4050T6H40 KBS02
CNC Milling Center Leadwell V40 KBS02
CNC Turning Lathe Leadwell F-1 KBS02
Universal Testing Machine Instron 5582Q4970 KBS02
Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Universal Testing Machine Shimadzu EHF-EM050K1 -020-0A KBS02
Microtester Instron 5484Q7767 KBS02
KUKA Industrial Robot* KUKA KR 6 KBS02
High Speed Laser Cutter RayLaser RL4060HSDK-60W KBS03
Portable Arc Welding Machine NA LHN250 KBS03
Twin Screw Extruder Compounder* Nanjing Giant SHJ-20C KB509
Fixed-Bed Reactor* Local Local KB509
Temperature Programme Desorption, Reduction and Oxidation (TPDRO) c/w computer* Thermo Scientific TPDRO1100 KB509
Tube Furnace Horizontal* Lenton, UK LTF 12/100/940/ 3216CC KB509
Bioreactor Sartorius NA KB510
Laboratory Reactor, “Ecoclave075″, 1.5LT* Butchi AG, Switzerland Ecoclave KB511
Microwave Digestion System* Berghof SW-4 KB511
Gas Chromatograph (GC) Perkin Elmer, USA Claurus 500 KB511
Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP) Perkin Elmer Optima 7000 KB511
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Nicolet IS10 KB511
Sorptomatic Surface Area Analyzer* Thermo Scientific SO1990 KB511
Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA Gamry Instruments Reference 600 KB511
Vector Network Analyzer ROHDE & SCHWARZ ZVB8 KB601
Microwave Signal Generator ROHDE & SCHWARZ SMB 100A-  B112 KB601
Spectrum Analyzers (9kHz to 31.8 GHz) ADVANTEST U3771 KB601
LeCroy 4GHz Oscilloscope LeCroy 640Zi KB601
Cardiovil CS-200 Dignostic System with windows XP Prof Based SW Standard Accessories (Schiller treadmill machine) Schiller Intertrack 8100T KB613
3D Printer Reprap Prusa i3 NA NA KB613
Instrumented Treadmill hp cosmos h/p/cosmos Gaitway II S KB613
MEA system NA MEA60-Inv- System-E Standard KB615
Annealing & Hardening Furnace* Nabertherm M41H KB617
Electrical Heated Crucible Furnace* Nabertherm K4/13 KB617
Carbolite Furnace* Carbolite RHF 15/8 KB725
Chamber Furnace* Barnstead/ Thermolyne 62700 KB725
Programmable Furnace* Wise Therm FP-03 KB725
Rheometer* AntonPaar Physica MCR301 KB725
Inert Argon Glove Box* Mikrouna Super 1220/750 KB725
Scanning Electron Microscope Hitachi S-3400N KB732
X-ray Diffractometer* Shidmazu XRD-6000 KB732
Composite Materials IV Test Station NA 71582 KB733
Impedance/ Gain-Phase Analyser* Solartron SI 1260A KB733
Semiconductor characterization System Module Keithley 4200 KB733
Heat pump dryer* NA NA KB733


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