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Industrial Training Vacancy Recruitment:

Option A: List of  LKC FES Industrial Training Cooperative Partner (ITCP)  (MUST access using UTAR email)

Option B: Industrial Training Opportunity  (MUST access using UTAR email)


E-Resume template and tutorialby Student Development Committee (SDC).

(include a complete step-by-step demo video and slide)


LKC FES – Faculty Facebook

Departmental Facebook


 DASD,   DCL,   DCI,   D3E,   DIECS,   DMAS,   DMME,   DMBE.


Departmental Shared Folder: 

DS (MUST access using UTAR email)

 DASD ,   DCL,   DCI,   D3E,   DIECS,   DMAS,   DMME,   DMBE (MUST access using UTAR email).


Division of Community and International Networking

 International collaboration partners


 Job Street



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