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Engineering & Science

Industrial Training Manual

The guidelines in this industrial training manual apply to all degree programmes at UTAR except for programmes in the Health Sciences. This manual included the handbook for supervisor, company, as well as student. To download, just click the link below:

Industrial Training Manual


Forms and Documents

LKC FES Students may find all the general forms and documents as below:

(Before IT)

Role & Responsibilities of IT Student (SOP)

Flowchart of IT Placement SOP

IT Pre-registration Form (pdf)

Support Letter (upon request)

Reply Slip (pdf)

Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (to UTAR by student and parents/guardian) (pdf)

Confirmation letter (optional)


(During IT)

IT Plan Template

IT Visitation Report

IT Student Appraisal Form

IT Student survey form

PEO-PO Survey Template  (Please request from your IT coordinator)

Marking Scheme (pdf)


Report Guidelines & Template

Student are advised to download the following document for the industrial training report writing

IT Report Guidelines

IT Report Template (pdf)


Insurance Policy

If students need the insurance policy, please download from here:

Insurance Policy 2018


Emergency/ Special Cases

Emergency/Special Cases SOP & Form (pdf)


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