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Please download the Faculty IT Handbook for reference: LKC FES IT Handbook 

Appendix D Samples Letters (University Sample)


Forms and Documents

LKC FES Students may find all the general forms and documents as below:

(Before IT)

GD001: Roles & Responsibilities of IT Student (for student guideline)

GD003: Flowchart of IT Placement SOP (for student guideline)

# Appeal to undergo Industrial Training (Due date: Week 2, Friday)

IT Special Consideration Cases [Results Transcript+ sample of cover letter & study plan] (to Deputy Dean)

# pre-registration and postponement (Due date: Week 3, Friday)

Prepare an E-Resume (link to E-Resume template and tutorial:by SDC)

FM001: IT Pre-registration Form (by the following link ⇓)

              Oct 2018 Online IT Pre-registration Form  (MUST access using UTAR email)

FM002: IT Postponement Form   [Results Transcript+ sample of cover letter & study plan] (to Deputy Dean)

# placement process (Week 3-17)

LT001: Support Letter (upon request, please request from IT Coordinator)

LT002: Reply Slip (to company during the application)

# got the placement (Week 3-17)

(Scan the Offer Letter/Reply Slip + Indemnity Letters in a PDF format file)

LT003: Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (to UTAR by student and parents/guardian)  (fill up and scan)

FM003: IT Placement Confirmation Form (by the following link ⇓)  (Due date: Week 17, Monday)

              (Attention: required scanned copy of Offer Letter/Reply Slip + Indemnity Letters)

              Oct 2018 Online It Placement Confirmation  Form  (MUST access using UTAR email)

Submit the original copy of indemnity letters to IT coordinator after the online confirmation.

LT004: Confirmation letter [optional, please request from IT Coordinator] (to company)


(During IT)

# first two weeks

FM010: Report of Training at Research Institute  [as additional supporting for IT Plan] (for those under research institute only)

FM004: IT Plan Template (print out, fill up and submit the scanned softcopy to Faculty by the following link ⇓)

              Oct 2018 Online IT Plan Submission (MUST access using UTAR email)

# IT visitation

GD004: IT Visitation Guidelines (Physical)  (for student guideline-local IT)

GD005: IT Visitation Guidelines (Virtual) (for student guideline-oversea IT)

FM005: IT Visitation Report (print out & fill up before the visitation)

#before end of IT

FM007: IT Student Appraisal Form (print out & request company to fill up)

FM009: IT Company survey form (print out & request company to fill up)

#end of IT

IT report + Oral presentation

FM008: IT Student Survey form   (by the following link ⇓ after the IT)

               Oct 2018 Online IT Student Survey (MUST access using UTAR email)

Report Guidelines & Template

Student are advised to download the following document for the industrial training report writing

GD007: IT Report Guidelines

GD008: IT Report Template


GD009: Marking Scheme


Insurance Policy

If students need the insurance policy, please download from here:

Insurance Policy 2018


Emergency/ Special Cases

GD006: IT Emergency & Special Cases SOP

FM006: IT Emergency & Special Cases Form (pdf)

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