Forms & Documents

GD001: Roles & Responsibilities of IT Student (for student guideline)
Industrial Training Checklist for LKC FES Student
GD003: Flowchart of IT Placement SOP (for student guideline  ⇓)

Download (PDF, 354KB)

Check the registered OCT 2018 Internship status there.    
(MUST access using UTAR email)– use computer to key in your ID in the google sheet.

IT Briefing Slides
Engineering & Science

Please download the Faculty IT Handbook for reference: LKC FES IT Handbook 
Appendix D Samples Letters (University Sample)

Forms and Documents
LKC FES Students may find all the general forms and documents as below:

(Before IT)
# Appeal to undergo Industrial Training (Due date: Week 2, Friday)
IT Special Consideration Cases [Results Transcript+ sample of cover letter & study plan] (to Deputy Dean)

# pre-registration and postponement (Due date: Week 3, Friday)
Prepare an E-Resume (link to E-Resume template and tutorial:by SDC)
FM001: IT Pre-registration Form (by the following link ⇓)
              Oct 2018 Online IT Pre-registration Form  (MUST access using UTAR email)
FM002: IT Postponement Form   [Results Transcript+ sample of cover letter & study plan] (to Deputy Dean)

# placement process (Week 3-17)
Option A: List of  LKC FES Industrial Training Cooperative Partner (ITCP)  (MUST access using UTAR email)
Option B: Industrial Training Opportunity  (MUST access using UTAR email)
LT001: Support Letter (a.k.a. University Letter, please request from IT Coordinator)
LT002: Reply Slip (to company during the application)

# got the placement (Week 3-17)
(Scan the Offer Letter/Reply Slip + Indemnity Letters in a PDF format file)
LT003: Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (to UTAR by student and parents/guardian)  (fill up and scan)
FM003: IT Placement Confirmation Form (by the following link ⇓)  (Due date: Week 17, Monday)
(Attention: required scanned copy of Offer Letter/Reply Slip + Indemnity Letters)
Oct 2018 Online It Placement Confirmation  Form  (MUST access using UTAR email)
Submit the original copy of indemnity letters to IT coordinator after the online confirmation.
LT004: Confirmation letter [optional, please request from IT Coordinator] (to company)

(During IT)
# first two weeks
FM010: Report of Training at Research Institute  (as additional supporting for those under research institute only)
FM004: IT Plan Template (print out, fill up and submit the scanned softcopy to Faculty by the following link ⇓)
              Oct 2018 Online IT Plan Submission (MUST access using UTAR email)

# IT visitation
GD004: IT Visitation Guidelines (Physical)  (for student guideline-local IT)
GD005: IT Visitation Guidelines (Virtual) (for student guideline-oversea IT)
FM005: IT Visitation Report (print out & fill up before the visitation)

#before end of IT
FM007: IT Student Appraisal Form & FM009: IT Company survey form 
request company to fill up the online google form- (hardcopy verification required)
Send the sealed form in envelope via the intern student.
Student Appraisal

#end of IT
IT report + Oral presentation
FM008: IT Student Survey form   (by the following link ⇓ after the IT)
               Oct 2018 Online IT Student Survey (MUST access using UTAR email)

Report Guidelines & Template
Student are advised to download the following document for the industrial training report writing
GD007: IT Report Guidelines
GD008: IT Report Template
GD009: Marking Scheme

Insurance Policy
If students need the insurance policy, please download from here:
Insurance Policy 2018

Emergency/ Special Cases
GD006: IT Emergency & Special Cases SOP
FM006: IT Emergency & Special Cases Form (pdf)

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