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GD001: Roles & Responsibilities of IT Student (for student guideline)
GD003: Flowchart of IT (for student guideline  ⇓)

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Industrial Training Checklist for LKC FES Student

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Rules and Guidelines During Industrial Training (please refer to IT manual section (5.2.2) for more details)

Code of Conduct

All students on Industrial Attachment must abide by the following:

  • the laws of Malaysia and/or the laws of the designated country of the industrial training
  • the University’s Student Code of Conduct governs the conduct of students during the industrial training period,
  • the terms of the employment contract with the company, and the Universities Act

Professional Issues & Leave Application:

  • Be punctual to work.
  • No annual leave (under MOHE directives, only emergency leave)
  • Emergency leave to be less than 6 days
  • Carry out the assigned duties and responsibilities responsibly and professionally.
  • Discipline issues will result in fail grade (grade F) in industrial training course. (e.g. not showing up at work, damage properties of company, stealing, cheating, etc)

Safety Precaution:

  • Students are strictly required to observe SAFETY FIRST in all compliance of the assignments at the Industrial Training Company. Pursuant to Regulations & 5.2.9 (IT manual), the students are to approach the Supervisor-in-charge immediately when there are any concerns on safety issues arises and/or foresee.
  • Female students are highly encouraged to take extra precaution and extra reasonable care for themselves to ensure a safer environment.


  • Seek assistance if the students encounter any problem relating to the training (e.g. conduct of staff in the company, sickness or accident occurs during the industrial training period that requires intensive medical care) communicate directly as soon as possible with:
    • The Industry Supervisor/inform the company, AND ;
    • UTAR Academic Supervisor/Head of Department/Deputy Dean–in-charge of Industrial Training/Dean

Please refer to IT Emergency/Special Cases SOP for more details.

Breach of Terms and Conditions of Industrial Training

  • Students are reminded to obey the Rules and Regulations of UTAR, the terms of the industrial training contract with the company, and the Universities Act at all times. Students should also keep abreast with developments on campus.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against students who do not follow the rules and regulations for Industrial Training and may lead to a Fail grade in industrial training course.

Advisor-Advisee Consultation

  • As students are taking a course and considered as active student in Faculty, the advisor-advisee consultation for advisee undergoing industrial training still must be conducted. It can be via email, or telephone to report the current situation and/or issues encountered.
  • Please take initiative to contact the advisor to complete the academic consultation.

Industrial Training Visitation:

 Before IT Visitation

  • Before the visit, the visiting lecturer will contact students. So, please update the latest contact number if students have changed it during the IT.
  • Please inform the IT Coordinator if the visiting lecturer did not contact the student two (2) weeks before the IT end.
  • Make sure the Industry Supervisor is informed and agreed with the visitation time. If he/she unable to make it, make sure there is a representative from the company during the visit.
  • Print out and fill up the visitation report before the visitation.

During IT Visitation

  • Please brief the company background and intern job scope to visiting lecturer. Feedback to the lecturer if any special cases.
  • Please follow all instructions given by visiting lecturer.
  • The visiting lecturer should conduct: i) meet up with the student, ii) meet up with the Industry Supervisor, iii) complete the visitation report.
  • Please feedback to IT Coordinator if the IT visitation did not carry out accordingly.

Visitation List  (Please request from IT coordinator)

  Industry Training Assessment

  • IT Report & Logbook (45%)
  • IT Student Appraisal by Company (45%)
  • Oral Presentation (10%)

(Please refer to marking scheme for more details)

IT Report

Students must document their working experience, log the activity. On completion of their training programme, Students must submit a written report. It is compulsory for students to follow the Industrial Report Guidelines and Template when writing their report. Report that does not follow the guideline will be rejected.

IT plan & Log records

  • Students must discuss and fill up the IT Plan with company supervisor. Send a scanned copy to IT Coordinator by FIRST TWO WEEKS.
  • Students must record their work performed throughout their appointment with the company. Write down all the assigned tasks for the week. Summarise all the assigned and completed tasks for the month. Printout the month summary, discuss and verify it with the immediate supervisor (i.e. the supervisor must sign the monthly summary).
  • Attach the IT plan, weekly and monthly log report in the IT report at the end of the IT period.

Company supervisor appraisal

The supervisor needs to complete the student appraisal form at the end of industrial training and the form must be SEALED and send to respective academic Supervisor.

Oral Presentation

All students are required to give a 15 minutes presentation upon completing their training.

Please refer to the marking scheme and rubric in preparing the presentation slides.

 Oral Presentation List (Please request from IT coordinator)

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