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GD001: Roles & Responsibilities of IT Student (for student guideline)
GD003: Flowchart of IT Placement SOP (for student guideline  ⇓)

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Industrial Training Checklist for LKC FES Student

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Industrial Training Procedure & Information

Students are required to read and be familiar with all procedures, rules and regulations. It is the students’ responsibility to understand them. Please refer to the LKC FES IT Handbook for more details.

Industrial Training Pre-registration and Postponement 

The students who wish to undergo the industrial training in coming trimester MUST PRE-REGISTER with IT Coordinator (Due date: Week 3, Friday).


The students who are eligible but wish to postpone the industrial training as in the course structure MUST submit IT postponement form to IT Coordinator (Due date: Friday, Week 3).

 Placement process

Read the IT Manual: Rules for Placement (Section 5.2.1) and LKC FES IT Handbook for more details.

  • The discretion of whether or not to accept a student as an industrial trainee lies entirely with the company and not with the University. A student should prepare him/herself conversantly for the job interview, e.g. the company may test the student on his/her technical skills and knowledge of the relevant course domains.
  • NO CHANGING nor SWAPPING of jobs upon CONFIRMED placement without obtaining approval from their Faculty. Any complain from company might be considered as breach of university rules & regulation, disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
  • All placements must be conducted for FULL TIME basis. Subject to express instruction by the Supervisor-in-charge, students are not allowed to complete their assignment in places, times and tasks of high risk other than mutually and officially agreed and specified in advance by both the University and the Company.
  • NO job hopping. If a student wants to leave his/her current placement, he/she must provide justification to the Faculty and his/her Company, and receive the approval from the Faculty BEFORE he/she can leave his/her current placement.
  • No working in close relative’s company to avoid conflict of interest.
  • Payment by the Company as the allowance for industrial trainees is encouraged, but not a requirement. Should there be any allowance or any form of payment involved, it shall be the student’s responsibility, and not the University, to take all necessary measure to secure such allowance or payment.

 Valid job placements

  • Able to fulfill all the course outcomes
  • Jobs must be related to their enrolled academic programme

 Interview & acceptance of job placement

  • Be professional during the interview.
  • Accept the offer that has promised to the company. Any complaint from company will result in suspension of industrial training course, and the students are required to repeat this course in the following year.
  • PLEASE read the offer letter carefully (especially working hours and job scope which must be relevant to their academic discipline). If there is any dispute with the company, the offer letter will be treated as the main source of reference.

Students are required to work out their own placement with the assistance of the Faculty’s Industrial Training Committee according to the procedures that have been set by the Faculty.

All students must inform the Faculty their industrial training appointment as soon as they receive the offer. Students are required to submit IT Placement Confirmation form (with the company REPLY SLIP/OFFER LETTER and LETTER OF UNDERTAKING AND INDEMNITY by student and parents/guardian) to their IT Coordinator before conducting their industrial training.

Deadline for placement process

  • In the case of any student failing to secure an industrial training placement by the deadline stipulated by the Faculty, they will have to inform the Faculty within three (3) working days from the deadline, so that the Faculty can help them with other arrangements.

Intern approval list

  • IT Coordinator will announce the approval list one week after the placement process deadline. Those without appropriate placement, complete forms or following the SOP will be restricted from registering the course by FGO.

 The Faculty’s Industrial Training Committee reserves the full right to decide on the final placement. The Faculty’s decision is final. If the student does not agree to the chosen placement determined by the Committee and the matter cannot be resolved between the student and the Committee, then the student will have to postpone his or her industrial training course to the following year.

Before go for industrial training

  • Prepare all the required documents requested by the employer.
  • Download a copy of LKC FES IT Handbook and report guidelines as reference.
  • Update the contact method (e.g: e-mail/ phone number/ emergency contact) with IT Coordinator.

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