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Online IT Placement Confirmation Re-submission Problem (NEW!!!)
Students might face problem when re-submitting the offer letter/indemnity letter using the online IT placement confirmation form. Kindly send a request using your 1utar account to Dr Lee Kim Yee at . You may re-submit the IT placement confirmation after received a reply notification that the old information has been deleted.

Reminder on Green Card Talks for Civil Engineering students  (NEW!!!)
The venue for green card talks are as follow:
11/8/2018 Session 1: KB313
11/8/2018 Session 2: KB314
18/8/2018 Session 3: KB323
18/8/2018 Session 4: KB324
*Please check your email for the arrangement and details.

Industrial Training Placement Confirmation (Due date: Week 17, Monday) 

Please follow the procedure of placement process in our website:
Students who are secured a placement from company and wish to confirm the internship placement may follow the procedures below:
(1) Fill up and sign both the LT003: Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (to UTAR by student and parents/guardian) .
(2) Arrange and scan the Offer Letter/Reply Slip + Indemnity Letters in a PDF format file.
(3) Complete the online IT Placement Confirmation Form (by the following link ⇓)
           Oct 2018 Online IT Placement Confirmation  Form  (MUST access using UTAR email)
(4) Submit the original copy of indemnity letters to IT coordinator after the online confirmation.

Good Luck and all the best!


Industrial Training Guidelines

Students are required to participate and work as industrial trainees in the industry of their academic discipline. Industrial training is a credited course programme, and thus is compulsory in order to fulfill the degree coursework requirements for graduation. The whole industrial training process takes two (2) trimesters:

  • One trimester for conducting pre-registration and placement process.
  • One trimester for conducting the actual industrial training and oral presentation.
  • [Tentative training period is: 1 Oct to 31 Dec (for all) & 1 Jun to 30 Nov (for QS)]


Students must satisfy all the requirements stipulated by the course syllabus of industrial training.

To all QUALIFIED STUDENTS who wish to undergo industrial training (IT):

  1. Please read and understand the GD001: Roles and responsibilities of IT Student.
  2. Attend the IT briefing.
  3. Comply with the Standard Operation Procedure of industrial training (before and during the IT).

Placement of Industrial training

  • Students will be given a choice to approach companies that they are keen to work with.
  • Work conducted in the selected company should be related to the enrolled academic programme.
  • Final placements will be decided by the Industrial Training Committee

Industrial training/placement outside Malaysia

  • Students are allowed to undergo the industrial training abroad.
  • Please refer to the procedure and guideline here.
  • Kindly contact the DCInterNet  for any assistance of industrial training placement two (2) trimesters in advance.
  • It is compulsory for student to purchase international medical and hospitalization insurance.
  • Students must fulfill the immigration requirements of the designated country of the industrial training/placement.
  • DCInterNet and DISS will be informed to assist the student in applying for the necessary (e.g. application of visa, purchase of insurance, letters of indemnity, etc.).
  • Please contact the DCInterNet for any assistance or clarifications on immigration matters.


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