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Industrial training is one of the core courses in all degree courses set by Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) and/or Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC). Due to nature of the course, all students must attach to a company related to their academic programme. During the internship, the students are considered as an active student in university under close monitoring from Faculty. Lecturers shall maintain good rapport between the university and the company. The lecturers in Faculty will be assigned to monitor the industrial training through the role of:

 Lecturer-in-charge for UTAR Industrial Training Cooperative Partners (UITCPs)

  • to help IT Coordinator to maintain the list of UITCPs,
  • to help in the placement process for UITCPs,
  • to follow up on UITCPs.

Academic Supervisor

  • to monitor performance of the student trainee,
  • to assess the industrial report and oral presentation,
  • to record the appraisal evaluated by company supervisor.

Visiting Lecturer

  • to visit the company based in Malaysia at least once during the period of industrial training,
  • to liaise with the overseas counterpart via skype or other forms of communication.

(Please refer to the IT Visitation Guidelines)

Before visiting the student trainee based in Malaysia, lecturers must strictly follow the UTAR Human Resource Policies and rules set by the Faculty:

  • No annual leaves shall be applied as the visiting will be treated as working away from office. Lecturers must submit working away form to seek approval from both HoD and Dean before visiting the company.
  • For companies located out of Klang Valley, lecturers must submit Outstation/Overseas Business Travel Application Form to seek approval from both HoD and Dean at least two weeks before visiting the company. Please attach the form with supporting documents.
  • Within two weeks after returning from the visiting, lecturers must submit Local Business Trip Claim Form for making the claims. Claims are to be supported by documented evidence where applicable such as receipts, approved working away form and proofs of visiting.

For more details, please kindly refer to the SOP and forms stored in z drive.

Due to the nature of outcome based education, lecturers shall obtain the feedback from company on student’s performance regarding the course outcomes. Besides, feedback needs to be obtained from the company on the suitability of programme outcomes and programme educational objectives.

Feedbacks received from the company will be tabled at ADCC and for noting at Senate.


IT Visitation Guidelines and Virtual Visitation Guidelines

IT Visit Application and Claim Procedure

IT Visitation Report

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