IT Coordinator


Department Programme IT Coordinator Email Room
Dept. Architecture and Sustainable Design(DASD) AR Mr. Tsao Khee Ern Level 8, FE43(3)
Dept. of Chemical Engineering (DCL) CL Ir. Chong Kok Chung Level 8, FE37(3)
Dept. of Civil Engineering (DCI) CI Ir. Dr. Huang Yuk Feng Level 8, 55(2)
Dept.  of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (D3E) 3E/EC/ET/PH Mr. Ng Choon Boon Level 8, FE4(3)
Dept. of Internet Engineering and Computer Science (DIECS) SE Dr Khor Kok Chin Level 8, FE2(1)
Dept. of Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences (DMAS) AS/AM/FM Mr. Kuang Kee Seng Level 8, FE6(1)
Dept. of Mechanical and Material Engineering (DMME) ME/MM Dr. Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong Level 3, G42
Dept. of Mechatronics and BioMedical Engineering (DMBE) BI/MH Dr. Chan Siow Cheng Level 8, FE 41(2)
Dept. of Surveying (DS) QS Mr. Leong Chung Sum Level 8, FE11(2)

Feel free to approach the IT Coordinator if more information is needed.

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