Industrial Training Programme


Industrial Training Placement Confirmation (Due date: Week 17, Monday) 

Please follow the procedure of placement process in our website:

Students who are secured a placement from company and wish to confirm the internship placement may follow the procedures below:

(1) Fill up and sign both the LT003: Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (to UTAR by student and parents/guardian) .

(2) Arrange and scan the Offer Letter/Reply Slip + Indemnity Letters in a PDF format file.

(3) Complete the online IT Placement Confirmation Form (by the following link ⇓)

Oct 2018 Online IT Placement Confirmation  Form  (MUST access using UTAR email)

(4) Submit the original copy of indemnity letters to IT coordinator after the online confirmation.

Good Luck and all the best!



It is compulsory for all UTAR LKC FES students to complete industrial training for 3 months (all programmes except QS) or 6 months (for QS only). Industrial training provides exposure of students to the real-life working environment. Students gain experiences valuable for their personal and carrier developments; they observe, learn and develop their interpersonal and communication skills. Besides, the industrial attachment provides students the opportunity to meet and network with people of various occupations.

The objectives of industrial training are to:

  • expose students to professional practices in the industrial sector under supervision of experienced staff,
  • provide an opportunity for students to observe real-life industrial practices and implementation of theoretical lessons and principles learnt in the programme,
  • provide an opportunity for students to acquire interpersonal skills through meeting and working with professionals in the industrial sector.


On completion of industrial training, a student shall be able to:

  1. apply knowledge of mathematics/sciences/engineering fundamentals
  2. apply technical skills and modern tools in the work place
  3. comply with the relevant rules and guidelines to professional practice
  4. follow code of ethics and standards of professional conduct
  5. demonstrate written and oral communication skills
  6. demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a team
  7. demonstrate life-long learning and self-improvement



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UTAR Industrial Training Manual

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