FYP Information for Department of Mathematical & Actuarial Science

Visit https://sites.google.com/site/liewhowhui/prj1 and https://sites.google.com/site/liewhowhui/prj2 for detail description for Project I and II as well the latest updates.  The following are the weekly activities for Project I.

  • Prerequisites for UECM3583 PROJECT I is 80 credit hours.
  • Week 1: Read the fypprojs.pdf in Project 1 Directory and look for projects that are interest to you.  Find a supervisor, come up with a final year project plan and register a project with a supervisor. 
  • End of Week 1: Get the registration form FYPTitleRegistrationForm-R6.pdf from Project 1 Directory, get the supervisor’s signature and submit the form to Project I lecturer.
  • Week 2: Once you have found a final project, start reading the Project Guidelines (MathProjectGuidelines-rev201506.pdf) and the action plan (FYP-ActionPlan-Project1-201505.pdf) in Project 1 Directory
  • Week 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13: Submit the biweekly reports (a template in LaTeX, pdf, doc format is available in Samples Directory) to the supervisor.
  • Week 7: Submit TWO proposals to your supervisor (you will lose marks if you fail to do so)
  • Week 8: Start writing the Interim Report.
  • Week 10: In a very rare case, if you need to change supervisor due to unforeseen event (such as the supervisor is leaving UTAR), submit the ChangeOfSupervisorForm-r2.pdf to Dr Liew How Hui’s Staff Room at FE8(1) and email him so that he can organise a meeting to discuss your issue.
  • Check your final marks for class assessment here.  Email me if I got the marks wrong.  The utarfyp.cls is updated for appendix.
  • Week 11: Oral presentation timetable is available.
  • Week 12: Submit TWO Interim Reports to your supervisor before 4pm.
  • Week 13: Oral Presentation will be organised on the Week 13 in KB903 and KB904 (Mathematics and Computing Labs in Level 9).
  • For those of you who are concerned about how you are being accessed, you can read the assessment files in the Assessment Directory.


Action Plans for Project II:

  •  Read the Project 2 Action Plan FYP-ActionPlan-Project2-201501.pdf  in Project 2 Directory.
  • Week 1: If you intend to change supervisor (for example because you have learned some new things during Industrial Training and wish to change Supervisor to research on a new project), make sure you get a new supervisor’s signature and submit the change of supervisor form to Dr Liew How Hui’s Pigeon Hole at KB (Sungai Long Campus New Block) Level 8 FE8(1) and email Dr Liew to notify him.
  • Week 2: Start writing you Final Report.  A Sample Final Report in available in Project 2 Directory. A LaTeX Template is available in LaTeX Directory.
  • Week 7: You must make sure you submit the Mid-Semester Monitoring Form to Dr Liew How Hui’s room at Level 8 FE8(1).  The form will NOT be accepted after week 7.
  • Week 10: Make sure you submit the draft of your final report to your supervisor.  Failing to do so may lead to failing Project 2.
  • Regarding LaTeX.  I have written a utarfyp.cls for the Final Report, email me if you want to use LaTeX. 
  •  Week 11: The oral presentation timetable is available.
  • Week 12:
    • Submit the electronic copy of your final report to turnitin.com. Read GD-SODEMC-Turnitin-003-User Guide for Student.pdf for instructions for submitting your electronic document to turnitin.
    • Supervisor(s) will review the electronic report in TurnItIn and fill in the FM-IAD-005-SupervisorCommentOnOriginalityReport.pdf in Project 2 Directory.
    • Project 2 items:
      • ONE hardcopy of soft-bound reports with beige cover
      • ONE hardcopy with just staple.
      • TWO CDs (one for filing by department, one for library): Check the requirement for the CD content below.
      • Permission Sheet (with signature)
      • FM-IAD-005-SupervisorCommentOnOriginalityReport (with Supervisor’s signature)
      • TurnItIn Report (Print the first two pages)
    • to submit to Encik Hafizul before 4pm Friday of Week 12
  • Week 13: Oral Presentation is held at KB903 and KB904 (Mathematics and Computing Labs).  Remark: Time to be announced.
  • The assessment forms for your Project 2 can be found in the Assessment Directory.



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