Final Year Project Competition

 External/University level FYP competitions

It is offered once a year (January Part-2 students + May Part-2 students). Each department nominates the BEST FYP under EACH Engineering DISCIPLINE/PROGRAMME.

It is offered once a year (May Part-2 students + January Part-2 students). All suitable final year micro and nano electronics device projects of Undergraduate Students are nominated.

It is offered once a year (January Part-2 students + May Part-2 students). It is open to all undergraduate students who are currently undertaking their Final Year Project or has recently completed their studies. Participants must be a student in any Malaysian Institution of Higher Learning (Government & Private). There are many tracks for the submission.

2018 Competition

2019 Competition

It is offered once a year (January Part-2 students + May Part-2 students). Competition is open to full-time and part-time undergraduate students studying in areas broadly related to electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, applied physics and chemistry, and other related disciplines with the Final Year Project covers topics of electronic packaging and must be fully conducted in Malaysia. Three finalists will be submitted to the IEEE EPS from each University.

It is offered twice a year (in March & August Convocations). Each Faculty submits Community based Final Year Projects that are graded A- or higher under each category:

1. For undergraduate FYP category

2. For Master’s category

LKC FES FYP Poster Competition

Important Announcements

Compulsory Attendance & Summary of Posters

  • Attendance of all FYP part-2 students is compulsory for the FYP poster competition & Industry Interaction Day. 
    • Please bring along your student ID for the purpose of recording your attendance using barcode scanner.
    • All FYP part-2 students are required to sign in between 9.00am – 11.00am at the registration counter outside MPH
  • All FYP part-2 students are required to prepare the ‘summary of any 3 FYP posters’ and get it acknowledged (official seal stamp) by the FYP Committee during the event before 12 noon. If there are any issues with this, they must discuss with their FYP coordinators. 
  • The counter for SUMMARY of POSTER official seal stamping and LUCKY DRAW official seal stamping will be closed at 12 noon.
  • After the event, all FYP part-2 students are required to get the ‘Summary of Posters’ (that has been acknowledged by the FYPC) verified by the respective supervisors and submit to the lab together with other FYP report submission documents.
  • If there are any issues with this, discuss with your FYP coordinator or FYP committee chairperson, Dr. Stella Morris.


(i) Absenteeism for the Poster competition event without any appropriate supporting documents (such as a medical report from the government hospital, or a designated doctor or a report from the district officer or police officer or authorized government officer concerned if the absence is due to compassionate reasons), the Special Case Review panel is entitled to reduce the marks in the ‘Poster criteria’ to ZERO.

(ii) No submission of the ‘Summary of Posters’ within the stipulated date/time, the Special Case Review panel is entitled to reduce the marks in the ‘Poster criteria’ to ZERO.

January Trimester, 2020 (14th April 2020)

  • Banner
  • SOP for Poster Competition
  • Tracks for FYP Posters: Tracks of the poster are categorized by department
  • Itinerary
  • FYP Poster Template
  • Promotional Poster-1
  • FYP Competition Brochure
  • FYP Poster Submission Form (Contact your FYP coordinator for Poster Submission)
  • Promotional Video
  • ‘Summary of FYP Posters’ template
  • Shortlisted Posters
  • Most-liked Poster Assessment Flowchart
  • Voting Link for the Most-Liked Poster Award
  • Photos
  • Event Report

May Trimester, 2019 (28th August 2019)

Advertising Poster May 2019 v4


LKC FES congratulates all participants and Winners!

January Trimester, 2019 (17th April 2019)

LKC FES congratulates all winners of the Poster Competition!

poster for exhibitorsv3

May Trimester, 2018 (23rd August 2018)

      FYP-Banner ERC draft3FYP competition day flowchart(V1) (2) (3) (1) (8) (1) (1)

January Trimester, 2018

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 May Trimester, 2017

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 January Trimester, 2017


May Trimester, 2016


 January Trimester, 2016


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