FYP Poster Competition

January Trimester, 2016


May Trimester, 2016


January Trimester, 2017


May Trimester, 2017

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January Trimester, 2018


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May Trimester, 2018 (23rd August 2018)

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Attendance of all FYP part-2 students is compulsory for the FYP poster competition (students have to sign-in and sign-out)

All FYP part-2 students are required to prepare the ‘summary of 3 FYP posters and get it acknowledged by the FYP Committee during the event

After the event, all FYP part-2 students are required to get the ‘Summary of Posters’ verified by the respective supervisors and submit to the lab together with other FYP report submission documents.

This new requirement is effective from 201805-trimester FYP competition.

All FYP part-2 students are advised to interact with multiple industries on the FYP poster competition & Industry Interaction Day to discover their career pathways and also get the required number of  ‘official seal stamps’ from the industry exhibitors to participate in the free lunch session and the LUCKY DRAW. If there are any issues with this, they must discuss with their ERC members.

Lucky draw participants may get an opportunity to win attractive prizes such as a TABLET, SMART WATCH, and many more.

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