Final Year Project

 General Announcements

  • All announcements pertaining to Final Year Project (FYP) will be posted here.
  • Students are advised to visit this site regularly for updates
  • Information Skills Programme for Trimester May 2018

The Information Skills programme is designed to help students search for information and optimize the use of library resources for their assignments and projects. This programme is available to all students doing their FINAL YEAR PROJECT as well as any other students who may be interested.
The programme consists of the following 6 modules:
 1st week (2 hours) – (4 Jun 2018 – 7 Jun 2018
Module 1: Information Search Strategies
Module 2: Effective Database Searching
Module 3: Evaluation of Web Resources
 2nd Week (2 hours) – (11 Jun 2018 – 14 Jun 2018)
Module 4 : Plagiarism
Module 5: Referencing
Module 6 : Basic Mendeley
 Each week is a two-hour session and these 6 modules are conducted over a period of 2 weeks from 4 Jun 2018 – 14 Jun 2018. To complete the programme, students have to attend all 6 modules.
 The Library has scheduled the classes for both campuses. You are encouraged to register online:
 Kampar Campus (Please click here Kampar Registration Form to register)
 Sg Long Campus (Please click here SL Registration form to register)
 You may also approach our Reference Librarian at the Reference Desk in the Main Library, Kampar and the Mary KUOK Pick Hoo Library, Sungai Long for registration.

LKCFES organizes FYP Poster Competition and Industry Interaction Day in Week-13 (23rd August) for all FYP – Part II students. Submit the soft copy of your posters by 10th August (4.00pm) and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Contact your FYP coordinators for more information…

(Compulsory for all FYP Part-2 Students)

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  • Attendance of all FYP part-2 students is compulsory for the FYP poster competition (students have to sign-in and sign-out)
  • All FYP part-2 students are required to prepare the ‘summary of 3 FYP posters’ and get it acknowledged by the FYP Committee during the event
  • After the event, all FYP part-2 students are required to get the ‘Summary of Posters’ verified by the respective supervisors and submit to the lab in week-14 together with other FYP report submission documents.
  • This is effective from 201805-trimester FYP competition.

General Information

  • FYP Rules and Regulations for students taking FYP with the same course code for Part I and Part II (VERY IMPORTANT – MUST READ).
  • UTAR Research Ethics (SoP and Form for researcher/student to conduct survey): The application for ethical approval for Final Year Projects (FYP) involving human subjects or animals for student’s project shall be treated as a group application and as such, approval shall be granted for the whole group (for the names listed in the summary form) instead of each application. Please provide the info as required in the summary form. Also, please be informed that all submissions for ethical approval should be accompanied with the questionnaire/interview questions that the students will be using in their research. Application for ethical approval can be submitted at any time of the month. Declaration section is to be signed by HoD and recommendation by the Dean.
  • Letter of undertaking and indemnity (by students): Students whose FYP tasks require external involvement such as external visits for sample collection, testing, survey, and external meetings have to submit the completed letter of undertaking and indemnity to Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training). It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form (after HoD signed the form) to the respective FYP coordinator.
  • Application for External Final Year Project attachment (to be submitted by supervisors): For any FYP attachment with external institutions/ organizations, an application letter must be submitted by the supervisors together with:

    to the Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training).  It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form (after HoD signed the form) to the respective FYP coordinator.

  • It is compulsory for students to follow the FYP Report Guidelines when writing their report. Any report that does not follow the guidelines will be rejected.
  • Students are encouraged to download the MS Word Template (Progress Report (revised)/ Final Report) of the Project Report and use this template to prepare the report. Read how to use the template.
  • The format for citing sources in the Project Report shall follow the latest Harvard Referencing Style.
  • Please take note that in the case of any discrepancies between announcements and guidelines, the announcements shall prevail.

FYP Planner (UEGE4113/UEGE4116/UEEP3513/UEEP3516)

FYP Poster Competition

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