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General Announcements

(All announcements pertaining to Final Year Project (FYP) students will be posted here. Students are advised to visit this site regularly for updates)

All FYP students of the engineering programmes are requested to change the word “Hons.” to “Honours” in their FYP reports and related documents (cover page, first page, and ‘APPROVAL FOR SUBMISSION’ page of the FYP reports, permission sheet, etc).

LKC FES congratulates all winners of the Poster Competition!

Poster Competition Photos 

Compulsory Attendance & Summary of Posters

  • Attendance of all FYP part-2 students is compulsory for the FYP poster competition & Industry Interaction Day. 
    • Please bring along your student ID for the purpose of recording your attendance using barcode
    • All FYP part-2 students are required to sign in between 9.30am – 11.30am at the registration counter outside MPH
  • All FYP part-2 students are required to prepare the ‘summary of any 3 FYP posters’ and get it acknowledged (official seal stamp) by the FYP Committee during the event before 12 noon. If there are any issues with this, they must discuss with their FYP coordinators. 
  • The counter for Summary of Posters’ – official seal stamp will be closed at 12 noon.
  • After the event, all FYP part-2 students are required to get the ‘Summary of Posters’ (that has been acknowledged by the FYPC) verified by the respective supervisors and submit to the lab together with other FYP report submission documents.
  • The students will not be allowed to submit the FYP report to the lab without this ‘Summary of Posters’. 
  • All FYP part-2 students are advised to interact with multiple industries on the FYP poster competition & Industry Interaction Day to discover their career pathways and also get the required number of ‘official seal stamps’ from industry exhibitors to participate in the LUCKY DRAW. If there are any issues with this, they must discuss with their ERC members.
    • Lucky draw participants may get an opportunity to win attractive prizes from the event sponsors
    • Kindly bring along several copies of your CV and resume for job application and interview.
  • If there are any issues with this, discuss with your FYP coordinator or FYP committee chairperson, Dr. Stella Morris.

General Information

FYP flowchart(V2)1

(FYP Flow Chart)

  • FYP Rules and Regulations for students taking FYP with the same course code for Part I and Part II (VERY IMPORTANT – MUST READ).
  • Special Requirements: All supervisors whose projects have special requirements such as special venues, rooftop access, and special limited-access equipment must liaise with the Sungai Long Campus Administration Director, Dr. Tan Kee Kong ( to ensure the timely completion of their projects.
  • UTAR Research Ethics (SoP and Form for researcher/student to conduct survey): The application for ethical approval for Final Year Projects (FYP) involving human subjects or animals for student’s project shall be treated as a group application and as such, approval shall be granted for the whole group (for the names listed in the summary form) instead of each application. Please provide the info as required in the summary form. Also, please be informed that all submissions for ethical approval should be accompanied with the questionnaire/interview questions that the students will be using in their research. Application for ethical approval can be submitted at any time of the month. Declaration section is to be signed by the HoD and recommended by the Dean. If the FYP involving human subjects or animals is to be conducted in the laboratories, please submit a copy of the approved ethical clearance form to the respective lab staff.
  • Letter of undertaking and indemnity (by students): Students whose FYP tasks require external involvement such as external visits for sample collection, testing, survey, and external meetings have to submit the completed letter of undertaking and indemnity to Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training). It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form (after HoD signed the form) to the respective FYP coordinator.
  • Application for External Final Year Project attachment (to be submitted by supervisors): For any FYP attachment with external institutions/ organizations, an application letter must be submitted by the supervisors together with:

    to the Deputy Dean (Student Development & Industrial Training).  It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form (after HoD signed the form) to the respective FYP coordinator.

FYP Report Writing Guidelines

  • It is compulsory for students to follow the FYP Report Guidelines when writing their report. Any report that does not follow the guidelines will be rejected.
  • Students are encouraged to download the MS Word Template (Progress Report / Final Report) of the Project Report and use this template to prepare the report. Read how to use the template.
  • The format for citing sources in the Project Report shall follow the latest Harvard Referencing Style.
  • Please take note that in the case of any discrepancies between announcements and guidelines, the announcements shall prevail.

Library Services for FYP Students

  • Explore how you could utilize the library resources for your FYP!
  • Information Skill Programme: Library conducts “Information Skill Programme” to the FYP students in week 2. Students have to register for the class once the Mail Master notification is sent out in week 1. It covers 6 modules (4 hours):
    • Module 1: Information Search Strategies
    • Module 2: Effective Database Searching
    • Module 3: Evaluation of Web Resources
    • Module 4 : Plagiarism
    • Module 5: Referencing
    • Module 6: Basic Mendeley

Laboratory Services for FYP Students

FYP Planner (UEGE4113/UEGE4116/UEEP3513/UEEP3516)

Final Year Poster Competition

For any queries, please contact the FYP coordinators

Other Resources

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