Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ’s – General


Q:   How many credit hours are students allowed to register for in long and short trimesters?

A:    Normal status: Long trimester – 20 credit hours; short trimester – 10 credit hours.

Under probation: Long trimester – 12 credit hours; short trimester – 6 credit hours.


Q:   I need to take medical / sick leave, what should I do?

A:    Student can get Leave Application Form from FGO. Submit the filled application with supporting document(s) to FGO


Q:   How do I apply for leave of absence (LOA) from my study? What is the maximum duration for leave of absence?

A:    Complete and submit Application for Leave of Absence Form obtainable from UTAR Student Portal.

The total maximum duration for leave of absence is 2 years.


Q:   I have applied for a course transfer but I have yet to receive the decision of the course transfer. Can I attend the course which I have applied to be transferred to while waiting for the outcome of my application?

A:    Students are only allowed to commence their study in the course applied for upon official notification from the University to the effect that your application for programme transfer is successful.


Q:   Where do I renew my student ID?

A:    Students may walk in to Division of Finance on Ground Floor. They are required to pay the stated amount and bring the payment receipt to Software Development & Multimedia Services Centre (SODEMC) on the 10th Floor.


Q:   I miss pre-registration period. What should I do for register the course (s)?

A:    The system will be open again during add/drop weeks (2weeks). Students may register online or manually.


Q:   I already submit add/drop form, but there is no changes on my time table. What should I do?

A:   There will be 3 announcement for the result;

1st announcement on Friday of Week 1

2nd announcement on Thursday Week 2

3rd announcement on Monday Week 3

If there are no changes on after 3rd announcement, the application not successful


Q:   Does LKC FES have any social media?

A: Facebook (FB)


Q:   How do I give my feedback?

A:   Student may doing by;

  • Online

  • Academic Advisor
  • Student survey – Long trimester (Week 8 – Week 12)

Short trimester (Week 4 – Week 6)

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