Programme Objectives & Outcomes

Programme Aims

mis2The Master of Information Systems programme aims to provide the necessary skills, relevant knowledge and analytical skills in both business and information systems to come out with good solutions. With these proposed solutions, their impact and effectiveness are critically analyzed so as to produce a sound solution that can be used to solve problems effectively and efficiently. It also prepares students with critical thinking, effective communication skills to deal with problems and situations easily. Combined with both the ethical responsibilities and deep understanding of possible social, economic, cultural, legal and environmental impact, a candidate can be nurtured to be come a knowledgeable and responsible person. Throughout the programme, candidates are encouraged to participate in enhancement activities such as attending seminars/talks/workshops/ conferences and organised Lecture Series.

Programme Objectives

To train graduate to work on projects independently with minimal supervision. Throughout the entire project development, the candidate is equipped with the capability to analyse, design, developĀ  and deploy an effective computing solution to solve real world problems involving information systems processes and management activities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, students are expected to:

  1. mis5Perform professional analysis, design, implementation, testing and documentation in research study and apply sound knowledge concerning any relevant and current computing-based research issues.
  2. Formulate and apply solutions to research problems and effectively interpret research results.
  3. Develop and deliver effective, informative and persuasive oral presentations to disseminate research findings, and to write technical manuals, documents and reports to a diverse audience and be able to function effectively in a group.
  4. Demonstrate skills and knowledge related to management principles, techniques and tools essential to the application of computers and professionalism in both the code of ethics and responsibility in their behavior.

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