Master of Information Systems

mis1The Master of Information Systems aims to provide an advanced curriculum that examining into the contemporary principles and theories of computing and to relate the knowledge to the practical application of  information technology.

The programme provides students the confidence to manage information systems (IS) as organisational resources by analysing problems effectively and making  critical strategic decision.

Students will also be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in analysis, design, deployment and management of information systems. With the knowledge and skills obtained, students will be able to devise, plan, control and execute a substantial information systems management project.

Throughout the programme, students will be able to participate in enhancement courses such as seminars, research workshops and conference, and to attend organised lecture series such as Entrepreneurship Talk Series by successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

 Salient Features

  • mis3Places emphasis on the acquisition or enhancement of specific IT related technical skills and IT project management knowledge in a structured environment.
  • Exposes students to advanced, industry-relevant material in the area of IT and IS project management.
  • Close interaction amongst students from diverse domains of professional and education backgrounds which facilitates exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • Incorporate a unique interdisciplinary mix of technical and management until with the right mix of skill sets that will set students part in the highly competitive workplace.

Who Should Enrol

mis4The Master of Information Systems is for graduates and professional seeking to develop IS core competencies required for contemporary IT management roles. The programme will increase student’s IS and key business knowledge to advance into management and leadership roles in the ICT industry.

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